用Golang 处理每分钟100万个请求

用渠道作为线程池,应对百万请求,这是 Marcio Castilho 优化的方法。核心代码:

var (
 MaxWorker = os.Getenv("MAX_WORKERS")
 MaxQueue  = os.Getenv("MAX_QUEUE")

//Job represents the job to be run
type Job struct {
    Payload Payload

// A buffered channel that we can send work requests on.
var JobQueue chan Job

// Worker represents the worker that executes the job
type Worker struct {
    WorkerPool  chan chan Job
    JobChannel  chan Job
    quit        chan bool

func NewWorker(workerPool chan chan Job) Worker {
    return Worker{
        WorkerPool: workerPool,
        JobChannel: make(chan Job),
        quit:       make(chan bool)}

// Start method starts the run loop for the worker, listening for a quit channel in
// case we need to stop it
func (w Worker) Start() {
    go func() {
        for {
            // register the current worker into the worker queue.
            w.WorkerPool <- w.JobChannel

            select {
            case job := <-w.JobChannel:
                // we have received a work request.
                if err := job.Payload.UploadToS3(); err != nil {
                    log.Errorf("Error uploading to S3: %s", err.Error())

            case <-w.quit:
                // we have received a signal to stop

// Stop signals the worker to stop listening for work requests.
func (w Worker) Stop() {
    go func() {
        w.quit <- true

func payloadHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

    if r.Method != "POST" {

    // Read the body into a string for json decoding
	var content = &PayloadCollection{}
	err := json.NewDecoder(io.LimitReader(r.Body, MaxLength)).Decode(&content)
    if err != nil {
		w.Header().Set("Content-Type", "application/json; charset=UTF-8")

    // Go through each payload and queue items individually to be posted to S3
    for _, payload := range content.Payloads {

        // let's create a job with the payload
        work := Job{Payload: payload}

        // Push the work onto the queue.
        JobQueue <- work


参见他的blog https://medium.com/smsjunk/handling-1-million-requests-per-minute-with-golang-f70ac505fcaa 34

一个线程池库 https://github.com/shettyh/threadpool 31

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