Go 1.5.1 更新的功能

Go 1.5.1版本对编译器,汇编器, fmt, net/textproto, net/http, 和 runtime 包的 bug 修复。

  • cmd/asm: arm assembler "illegal combination" for CMPF in Go 1.5
  • AUTHORS: missing Oracle
  • runtime: unexpected fault address 0xffffffff (windows/386)
  • net: sendfile needs -lsendfile for external linker on Solaris OS-Solaris
  • net/http: ReverseProxy doesn't handle nil request body...
  • internal/syscall/windows/registry: has debug println left behind OS-Windows
  • doc: 1.5 release notes don't mention that go install removes the binary produced by go build Documentation
  • fmt: Sscanf %c skips a blank in Go1.5; not in Go1.3.3, nor in C
  • net: LookupPort("tcp", "123") no longer returns 123
  • runtime: fatal error: invalid stack pointer
  • runtime: panic on system stack during cgo callback
  • cmd/go: vendoring fail when put on $GOPATH root with Import Path Checking
  • cmd/compile: unexpected string to byte casting behavior in 1.5
  • build: Go 1.5 bootstrap.bash fails for offical tarballs
  • cmd/go: go build -a rebuilds standard library on linux Documentation
  • cmd/asm: hang

详见https://github.com/golang/go/issues?q=milestone%3AGo1.5.1 3

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